Three Tips For Making the Best Picnic Hamburgers

Family picnics and other special occasions are always fun to have but can get pretty taxing when you’re the one preparing for them. For instance, you need to make sure that there is plenty of food that your relatives and friends can munch on while you slave away over the grill.

And let’s face it, it’s also much easier to call in and order burgers from a quick service restaurant or to have someone cater your burgers if you don’t mind paying a fortune for them. However, when it come to hamburgers, nothing beats a great home cooked burger because you can pick the best ingredients for your burgers and put in as much love and care into them as you want. In fact, you can even take any simple hamburger recipe, jazz it up and turn it into a wonderful new recipe that you and your family can enjoy again and again.

Take the simple grilled hamburger for example. Usually you just grill the beef patty, slide it into a bun, add some pickles, onion, catsup and mustard and then eat it. But if you are going to serve hamburgers at your next family reunion, or any other special occasion for that matter, you could alter the recipe in order to infuse it with different, sumptuous, flavors that would make your burgers stand out from the ordinary. Some of your relatives and friends who are at your picnic may even ask you for your recipe.

So with that in mind, if you are planning to serve hamburgers at your next family picnic, then here are three tips on how you can make the best homemade hamburgers ever.

Tip #1: Pack the hamburger patty with your own special seasonings and spices burger places new orleans.

For example, you can definitely liven up your hamburgers if you marinade them in soy sauce, Montreal seasoning, red and black pepper, paprika and garlic. This combination of spices and seasonings will definitely make your hamburgers stand out at your picnic as they are packed with flavors that are different from the usual, boring, ready-to-cook hamburger patties available in many supermarkets today or even from the hamburgers that the fast food chains sell. However, it really doesn’t matter what seasoning or spices you add to your burger as long as you add something to make them special and “remarkable” meaning your guests will talk about them long after the picnic is over.

Tip #2: Always make sure to use the best ingredients in making hamburgers.

Everyone’s taste and preferences are different as one person may like eating your hamburgers while another person may not. But the key rule here is that you must be able to search for the finest ingredients when you make your burgers because if you’re able to do so, then half of your work is done. For instance, you could opt to use ground chuck, ground sirloin or even a 50-50 mixture of ground beef and pork for the patties. The choice is up to you, just be sure to use the freshest hamburger meat you can find.

Tip #3: Turn your burgers into a well-balanced meal.

Usually picnic hamburgers are served with trimmings like tomato, lettuce and onion (and I suppose those could be called vegetables if you want to) but you can make sure that your guest are getting a nutritious and healthy hamburger if you add some onions, green peppers or chopped celery right into the meat before grilling. Doing this will give your burgers an extra crunch and at the same time provide your guest with additional fiber and vitamins. In addition, serving homemade salsa with your hamburgers instead of catsup and mustard will add tremendous new flavors to your burgers while also being low on fat and calories. And if you’re in need of some fantastic homemade salsa recipes, you may want to visit and check out their collection.

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