Numerology & Karma – Recognizing Objectionable Earlier Existence Actions By means of Karmic Personal debt Quantities

Will not worry that you have been a poor man or woman in previous life if you
have 1 or far more of the figures 13, fourteen, sixteen, and 19 in essential
positions in your numerology charts. These figures are
“Karmic Credit card debt Quantities.” Absolutely everyone has had their share of
lifetimes when they had been not so good. Karmic Credit card debt quantities
relate strongly to spiritual classes.

Some might question, why 13, fourteen, sixteen, and 19, why not twelve, 15,
seventeen, and 18, or 31, 32, 34, and 37 for example? It truly is because
by way of objective empirical investigation (such as our personal)
over eons, those figures have regularly proven to
straight relate to a lot larger than common adversity and

Assist for this concept is received by way of corroborating
data in the comprehensive historical and modern day
astrology charts of those who have Karmic Debt
Numbers. For instance, it is really common for a individual
with considerable over-well balanced 14 vitality (e.g., fourteen in one particular
or much more considerable chart positions) to have patterns of
unhealthy excess in the astrology charts, which includes a
heavily troubled Jupiter, for instance.

Handwriting investigation provides added backing.
Over-indulgence, to use the identical example, is witnessed
by means of graphology by a single or far more (best to have at
least two to a few qualities seriously represented in at least
a 50 percent web page sample) of the adhering to traits: variable
slant of writing way too slack/sagging connectives between
letters concave t-bars slant of writing to the severe
appropriate, along with large pen stress prolonged, needle pointed
finishes of decrease-zone letters this sort of as p, g, and y thick,
muddy-looking, shaded script really hefty pressure
erratic baselines erratic motion irregular center
zone dimension (these kinds of as in which the letters e, o, a, n, and many others. reside)
weakly crossed t-bars and a lot of other individuals.

We insist on making use of a complex method of checks and
balances in our delineation and predictive function,
like complete historic and present day astrology,
historical and contemporary numerology, handwriting investigation,
previous existence regression, future development, and intuitive

Witnessing multiple indications lining up like the dials
on a slot equipment jackpot supporting a certain notion
(these kinds of as the timing of a rewarding love partnership
between a compatible few) enables for a greater level
of certainty.

Karmic Financial debt Figures symbolize unfinished organization
from past incarnations and a heightened require to balance
certain energies. They frequently completely depict the
motives powering life’s problems.

The subsequent are typical locations in life in which Karmic
Personal debt Quantities, in a variety of chart positions, reveal notable
problems: career status and image dreams and
wants love associations household, well being, funds, and
much more.

To what diploma and when karmic classes, tied to Karmic
Debt Numbers, are encountered is related to essential (often
matching) cyclical timing. In other words and phrases, particular
cyclical timing elements (periods of time) symbolically
offer fertile “harvesting” ground for life occasions and
situation observed by Karmic Financial debt Figures.

It really is right to say that it is totally attainable to know what
years and months, via complete historic and
modern day astrology and numerology, in a person’s existence that
he or she is fated to meet up with his or her most urgent daily life
dilemmas. This awareness permits a single to plan and put together.

The symbolic forces of every single variety (well balanced, below-
balanced, and over-balanced) continue being the identical, but
every position (more than 400 in our individual charting
systems) in the complete charts has a different
affect. Consequently, the numbers are additional defined by
their positions. Designs, consisting of figures in
various positions (aspects), mirror individuality and
daily life situation and functions.

Getting the variety 19 distinguished in your charts, as
the Day of Delivery placement for instance, basically indicates
that you (your soul, not your individuality) selected, just before
incarnating, to set a lot of strength toward balancing that
variety of power in this distinct life time.

We estimate that above 50 % of the inhabitants has Karmic
Personal debt Quantities well known in their charts. The Day of Beginning
situation is a single of many important chart positions the place
Karmic Financial debt Quantities are sometimes located.

At times the variety 19 relates much more to below-balanced
19 strength, such as dependency and isolation, and other
times it is much more linked to above-balanced 19 strength, such
as intolerance, theft, and aggression. It really is possible for a
particular person to swing amongst in excess of and below-well balanced energy,
as indicated by the rest of the charts’ personality factors
and cyclical timing.

The amount 19, or any quantity as any facet of the charts,
must be regarded as in relation to the other numbers/aspects
to achieve full comprehending.

Know that some Karmic Financial debt Numbers, dependent on their
positions and the relaxation of the charts’ contents, have a considerably
far more potent relevance than other people.

Underneath is an excerpt from the details provided with our
Numerology Decoder Application, which is straightforward to use and
will give you fantastic insight about your self and other people, to give
you a clearer thought of the strength represented by Karmic Debt

Numerology reading . Karmic Financial debt Quantities consist of the pursuing
numbers: 13, 14, 16, and 19. These quantities are greatly
connected with inherent issues and symbolize energy
that is greatly in need to have of balancing.

Details about each of the Karmic Personal debt Figures
13, 14, 16 and 19:
thirteen: 13 can be an very potent number representing
transformation and success, but it normally symbolizes
immaturity, absence of seriousness, degeneration,
irresponsibility, trivial and idle disposition, self-
indulgence, inefficiency, carelessness, carelessness,
extravagance, squander, verbal abuse, dishonesty,
inflexibility, restriction, and well being problems. Success
arrives from reworking all of the adverse energies
into energy, obligation and maturity.

fourteen: fourteen most usually represents above-indulgence,
recklessness, excessive sexual appetites, abuse
of freedom, short-lived interests and ventures,
transitory nature, rolling stone life style, lack of
healthy limits, debauchery, permitting go way too shortly or
hanging on way too extended, constant alter, impulsiveness,
scattering energies, avoidance of motivation and
instability. Good results will come from transforming all of the
damaging energies into versatility, constructive target,
specialization, and surrender of too much sensual

16: 16 most frequently represents misapplication of sexual
power, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, illicit involvements,
hurtful really like relationships, key sexual intercourse, aloofness, distrust,
neglect, loss, hypocrisy, superficiality, unpleasant collapse of
moi-self ideals, rise in standing top to eventual collapse,
powerful satisfaction, self-righteousness, secrecy and distressing
separations. Achievement arrives by means of integrity, and obtaining
wisdom through discomfort and reduction.

19: 19 most frequently signifies selfishness, dependency,
inability to see issues from others’ viewpoints, isolation,
greed, theft, self-relevance, addiction, aggression,
intolerance, ego-centric outlook, abuse of electricity, disrespect
of other individuals, coercion, refusal to look for aid from other people, and
self-centeredness. Accomplishment comes right after establishing well balanced
self-sufficiency, however also a ability for cooperation and
interpersonal skills.

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