Do You Want to Promote Wearing Face Masks At Your Workplace?

In the beginning, when coronavirus started spreading all over the country, the government authorities requested people not to use face masks as they are more essential for health workers rather than general public. During the initial stage, there was however an acute shortage of these masks in the market.

Now medical experts are emphasizing wearing such face masks while you are visiting any public places. This is one of the easiest ways to keep away the virus from entering your system. More and more states of the country are now going to make it mandatory to wear these masks.

Now many companies like Custom Earth Promos, which is known for making various environment-friendly products also have started producing large quantity respiratory masks meant for public use.

Whether wearing facemasks at the workplace necessary?

As far as PPE OSHA standards are concerned, face masks may not be considered as PPE and not necessary to be used while workers need protection for various occupational injuries. Therefore, as an employer, you are not required to supply face masks to all your employees.

However, now as per the CDC recommendations, one must use face masks, when you are in public settings, and moving around many other people as this measure will prevent and also reduce the spread of COVID-19.

OSHA too now recommends employers to encourage their workers to wear face masks and also decide its use based on the circumstances of their workplace.

Therefore, it is now necessary that you must convince your employees to wear facemasks while they are working along with their colleagues. Following are a few steps that you can adopt to promote wearing of facemasks at the workplace.

  1. Create your company mask policy

There may be many arguments and counter-arguments for and against wearing facemasks at the workplace and therefore, the company must create a policy regarding wearing mask, so that there should not be any ambiguity about wearing masks.

  1. Communicate your mask policy

When you have created a proper policy then it must be communicated well down the line so that workers do not start protesting against wearing masks at the work. People should understand the benefits of wearing masks in the workplace.

  1. Distribute masks to workers with company logo

Management must distribute free masks to their employees with their company name and must specify how these masks are to be used and when they should replace their masks, etc. There should be sufficient masks available so that there should not be any shortage, otherwise the very purpose will get defeated.

  1. Hold people accountable

Educate people about the necessity of wearing masks during this pandemic situation and they should ensure that their colleagues too always wear these masks.

  1. Listen and understand

There may be many of your employees who may have some genuine reason for not wearing masks. Try to understand their problems after listening to them and offer a viable solution.

  1. Take action if necessary

Sometimes, it may be necessary to take disciplinary action in case any worker defies the instruction and refuse to wear masks as per your guidelines.

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