Bring alive your cricket dreams with IPL fantasy cricket apps

India is a land where cricket is a religion (and Sachin is the God of this religion of more than a billion people). Cricket is by far the most popular sport in the country, passionately followed by millions. Almost every child in India has had his or her gully cricket experience – the cramped playing spaces, the bickering over runouts and no-balls, the neighbourhood aunties scolding over rising decibel levels, the uncles coming down to bash a few young budding cricketers who have shattered their window panes with overenthusiastic “helicopter” sixers – it is almost a rite of passage for every teenager to earn his wings in our cricket loving nation!

With such craze over this sport, no wonder many of us harbour secret, if only in the realm of pure fantasy, dreams of being able to someday take our cricket-mania to the next level, and do something big in cricket. Maybe get one selfie with our fav cricketer, maybe get a chance to walk down the aisle in the Wankhede, maybe get a chance to throw just that one ball on the Eden’s green pitch – or for the more ambitious ones, maybe get a chance to play selector to our favourite cricketers and put our strategic brains to work!Well, this last fantasy is now actually possible, thanks to IPL fantasy league!! Thousands are now trying their hands to team selection and strategic cricket decisions through one or the other app for IPL fantasy league.

IPL has made cricket exciting and more popular than ever. The IPL Fantasy League is just the perfect icing on the cake for the IPL aficionados to nurture their passion for the gentleman’s game even further. And even better, the many mobile apps that enable one to participate in IPL Fantasy League, one can actually earn real-life rewards including decent money.

So how does IPL Fantasy League work.

  1. Basically,it’s about strategy and decision-making skills as applied to cricket games. Think of you playing an amateur cricket analyst who actually gets action taken on his analysis and predictions.


  1. You pick virtual players in both the teams according to affixed set of rules which basically mirror the team picking rules in the ongoing IPL.


  1. You appoint a captain and a vice-captain and roles to other selected team members. Each role carries specific reward points.


  1. As the real match takes place, the real-life performance of the players assigns specific scores to your virtual team based on specific actions – like dot balls, runs scored, wickets taken, etc.


  1. Finally, the match results also count to your score. At the end of the day the better the players in your virtual squad perform in real life matches the higher you rise up on the Fantasy League leader board.


  1. You can play with other real money or virtual money. In the first case, you even get real-life monetary rewards if your picks and decision turn out to be successful in real life matches.



This kind of fantasy cricket has a lot of benefits for its participants. Let’s look at some of them:


  1. MONETARY REWARDS: First and foremost, of course is the opportunity to earn decent money if you have sound cricket knowledge and can predict with sufficient accuracy. Infact, some of the top players on the leader board in IPL Fantasy League actually are able to earn ridiculously large amounts of money. Earning while having fun is the best win-win deal!


  1. THRILL AND ECSTACY OF LIVING OUT A FANTASY: Fantasy movies and novels consistently top the box-office earnings chart and the best-seller lists. And for some good reason. Real life is tough and challenging. As humans we have a natural zeal to reach out beyond the here and now into the surreal. And that is exactly what IPL fantasy Cricket provides – an opportunity to escape from reality !


  1. ACTIVE PROAUDIENCE: IPL Fantasy Cricket turns you form passive spectator / moot audience to an active participant with a say in the thick of things. Similar to the modern concept of PROSUMER – an active consumer who extends, modifies, alters his favourite products and gadget, you become a PROAUDIENCE – an active knowledgeable, semi-pro audience who also in some ways “pro”duces an impact on the game.



  1. IMPROVES STRATEGIC THINKING: Strategic thinking is crucial skill which finds application in so many situations in real life including business, social life or political life. With IPL Fantasy Cricket App, you can find a safe but realistic environment to practice your strategic decision-makingskills.


  1. SOCIAL BENEFITS: Most of the IPL Fantasy Cricket Apps have a huge social angle, with ability to engage in strategic discussions and make friends with fellow participants. No wonder you get to practice crucial social skills while also expanding your social circle through participation in fantasy cricket. It is in emotionally charged moments like the ones IPL presents that some of the best friendship bonds are strengthened. Shared affinity for a team or player can be the leaven that can lead to fulfilling happy friendships that last a life time.


  1. TIME MANAGEMENT: Fantasy cricket also helps you with practicing productivity and time management skills. For one it’s a commitment that involves regular investment of time – managing it with your full-time business or job can prepare for you challenges further down the line when you grow a family or have kids (not to mention it allows those with already a family to manage their time even better).


  1. FLUID INTELLIGENCE: Also, IPL Fantasy league is a very fast dynamic setup and it helps to develop your fluid intelligence – the ability to process huge chunks of new information on the go and make optimum decisions in real time. This is a crucial skill as most of our real-life actions require quick responses and ability to make decision on the feet.



As you see, IPL Fantasy Cricket Apps not only help you live your childhood cricketing dreams, they also have some wonderful real-life benefits. With the IPL season just around the corner, why don’t you register on your favourite IPL Fantasy Cricket App and start your journey to the top of the leader board!!

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