06 Yeast Infection Home Remedies

People get yeast infections at least once in their life. Sometimes yeast infections can be troublesome and sometimes they go away on their own. In recent times, home remedies for yeast infection have become quite popular. More and more people are eager to find a solution without going to the doctor.

A friend of mine consulted a general physician in Lahore to know more about yeast infections. He explained that the science behind yeast infections is very simple. It is not something to be hidden and like any other thing should be treated as soon as discovered.

Yeast infection can occur both in men and women. It can appear on any part of the body including inside the mouth. Here are some home remedies that work for you to try:

  • Yeast infection in the mouth

This infection is also called oral thrush. This occurs due to the abnormal growth of fungi in the lining of the mouth. Home remedies for yeast infection in the mouth are quick and easy to follow.


Saltwater gargles are a blessing in a salty disguise. Salt is antiseptic and can contain the spread of infection. Mix ½ tsp. of salt in 1 cup of warm water. Swish the water throughout your mouth for 20-30 seconds. Then spit it out, don’t swallow!

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used exactly like saltwater. Instead of salt, add baking soda and rinse your mouth with it. It is a very mild disinfectant.

Clove Oil

Cloves have been used since the olden times for oral problems. In the same way, clove oil is also used. It is a pain reliever in addition to being antiseptic.

You can purchase clove oil or its supplements from the market or you can easily make it at home. Steep 1 tsp of clove in boiling water for 5-7 min. Strain the liquid and then use it as a mouth wash twice a day

Remedy for yeast infection itch

When suffering from a yeast infection, the itching can scale from low to very high. A frequent, persistent itch indicates that the vagina is highly inflamed and the matters need to be dealt with quickly.

Cotton underwear

As we need to breathe to survive, it is important to let our skin breathe as well, and most importantly your vagina or penis. Dampness or moisture can cause fungal growth like a yeast infection.

Wear cotton underwear, especially at night to let the skin relax and not allow any overgrowth. Cotton underwear doesn’t trap moisture and is very breathable.

Cold Water

Cold Water works like a charm. You can soak a soft cotton cloth in cold water and dab the area gently. This will not immediately cure the infection but it will soothe the area and reduce the inflammation a little bit.

Scented products

Any scented products such as soap, sprays, etc. can cause more itching rather than reducing it. So remember to stay clear of them and use your regular unscented soap and bath products that are not likely to cause the infection or the itch to blow up.


Yeast infections are not something to be embarrassed about. It is one of those things that usually don’t affect you immensely in the long run. With proper care and treatment, yeast infection goes away.

You can try the home remedies for yeast infection as they are quick and simple, without having to go to the doctor. But in case of a severe infection, don’t just rely on your home tips, go seek medical attention immediately!


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